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Subscription Sharing
Share/Split your Ott, Music and other digital subscriptions bill safely and securely on Vstreamhd.
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Only those who join your group will be able to see group data like login credentials & group chats.
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Share your unique group link on your social media accounts and let your group fill in quickly.
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You just share your group link on SM & your joiners will know. They will also be polled automatically for renewals.
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Each joiner will have to pay you their share. Which will be received instantly in your Vstreamhd wallet.
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Bank Transfer
Money you receive in your Vstreamhd wallet can be transfered to your bank easily.
You are in
You are in control of who can join your group. It could be anyone or only the people who have your group link.
End to end encrypted passwords and group chats
We dedicate Vstreamhd to innovation, our land, people of district Rewari, Haryanvis - the Indians Tricolor. And pay our respect to the nations Elders, Gurus and the Gods.
In The Tricolor Memory Of Shakti Singh Shekhawat
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